The Law Office of Neil Fox PLLC is a Seattle-based law firm that focuses on criminal defense in Washington State at all levels of state and federal court. Mr. Fox handles trials, appeals and post-conviction cases. Mr. Fox has defended people accused or convicted of such diverse offenses as misdemeanor and felony domestic violence, sex abuse, drugs, robbery, theft, arson, terrorism, and murder. He also helps people with sex offender registration, firearm rights, freedom of speech issues, and cases involving the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.

Mr. Fox has been practicing criminal defense for nearly 30 years and brings to his cases the perspectives gained from such experience. Mr. Fox represents criminal defendants because he believes that the Government has too much power and feels that people accused of crimes need a strong advocate on their side to try to even out the playing field.

Mr. Fox's practice is characterized by:

  • Careful and detailed case analysis
  • Exhaustive investigation and extensive briefing of legal issues
  • Creative and innovative strategies for litigating cases
  • Warmth and understanding for people caught up in the criminal justice system
  • Being both aggressive and discreet, depending on the needs of the case
  • Trying to do the best possible job for people whose lives are threatened by the power of the Government